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Car + driver

Landbridge to Ireland

Landbridge: travel with Stena Line to Ireland

Experience the freedom and convenience of travelling to Ireland via England-with huge savings along the way. Travel to Ireland by car the fast way with Stena Line: once you are in England you can choose from four routes across the Irish Sea. So your can select the route that suits your holiday plans best. Or do you prefer taking some more time? Stop off en route and book an overnight hotel. In this way you can plan your journey to meet the departures and arrivals of the ships.

All fares mentioned on this page are from return fares in euros (without environmental surcharge) and they are valid only when booking/paying in the Netherlands. Fares only apply to the combination of four Stena Line routes Hook of Holland - Harwich and Irish Sea routes.

* You have to include the size in the total length of your caravan to calculate the correct fare.
Fares only apply to non-commercial vehicles. Please contact Stena Line Freight for the appropriate fares of vehicles carrying commercial goods and/or horse trailers (loaded with horses): +31 (0)174 - 389 456.
Trailers loaded (without horses) or not loaded please contact our Travel Department.
** Transport exclusively in the ships' kennels (or at your own risk in the vehicle). Pet passport compulsory. Read the terms and conditions. Fares apply for the ferry crossing Hook of Holland - Harwich. Pet travel on the Irish Sea routes Fishguard - Rosslare, Holyhead - Dublin, Cairnryan - Belfast and Liverpool - Belfast is free.

The departure date (per sailing) determines the applicable fare.
When changing the route, date or sailing time for the Landbridge fare €15 amendment fee per crossing will apply. When cancelling the reservation the terms of the Flexi fare apply.