Travelling with pets

Take your pet to England
Take your pet to England, Ireland or Scandinavia

Everyone deserves a break! Even your four legged friends!

Before you travel please take a read at the information on this page so you and your pet can be assured of a happy and healthy trip away.

Pet travel to England/Ireland
Pet travel to England

What you need to know about travelling to England with max. 5 dogs or cats.

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Pet travel to Ireland
Pet travel to Ireland

What you need to know about travelling to Ireland with dogs or cats.

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Pet travel to Scandinavia
Pet travel to Scandinavia

What you need to know about travelling to Scandinavia with dogs or cats.

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Top Tips for travelling with pets
Pet travel: Ventilation

Please remember that certain breeds of dogs are more sensitive to heat and poor air-circulation in vehicles.

Be sure to take extra precautions and leave the vehicle windows down sufficiently to give them some air or pre-book a kennel.

Pet travel: Toys & Exercise
Toys & Exercise

Exercise is very important way to ensure that you pet is comfortable prior to boarding our ferry.

It's a good idea to bring their favourite toys to keep them happy and entertained on the crossing.

Pet travel: Food & water
Food & water

Do not overfeed your pet before the ferry departs.

Leave plenty of water in your vehicle in case they get thirsty and be sure to give them plenty of time for toilet breaks prior to boarding.

Pet travel: Test run before you travel
Test run before you travel

Is it the first trip abroad with your pet?

If that's the case, take them out for a few long drives in your vehicle. This will make sure they are comfortable in their new surroundings.

Pet travel: Pet passports
Pet passports

According to guidelines set out under the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS), a EU pet passport* is required in order for travel to/from Europe and your pet has to be microchipped.

* Non-EU countries can travel with an Animal Health Certificate.

Pet travel: Essential vaccinations
Essential vaccinations

All pets that travel to/from Britain and Europe must have documentation showing that the necessary vaccinations have been carried out.

These include rabies, ticks and worm treatment.