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One of the world’s largest ferry operators 

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By constantly developing its products and services, Stena Line has achieved a strong position with significant market shares on all its market sectors. Stena Line has three business areas based on its geographic markets: Scandinavia, Irish Sea and North Sea. The company's organisation is strongly decentralised with the objective that all decisions should be taken as close to the customer as possible. Demands from customers are becoming tougher and changes happen more quickly. Stena Line's way of meeting these demands is to continually develop new products and services for both freight and passenger services. With a modern fleet of vessels and europe's most comprehensive route network consisting of ferry routes in Scandinavia and around the UK.

Stena Line's business concept is to produce an safe and reliable transport by sea with a reduced environmental footprint and connecting port services so that:

• Passengers arrive at their destination having had an experience that exceeds their expectations.
• Transport companies can ship goods to their destinations in a cost efficient way.

We deliver efficiency and sustainability through care - care for our customers, care for resources and care for each other.

Stena Line Big Little Things
Big Little Things

Great service comes in many different forms. Our staff and crew always try to go the extra mile to make your trip as enjoyable as possible. Here you can get to know some of them and the big little things that they perform.

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