Preparing your journey

What are the consequences of the ISPS?

Since 1st July 2004, ISPS regulations (International Ship & Port Facility Security Code) can imply security controls of passengers, luggage and vehicles. All passengers travelling on vessels in international traffic have to be able to identify themselves. Passengers who fail to identify themselves in the case of raised security level will not be accepted to board the vessel.

Please note that only valid passports or national ID cards (showing the passenger’s nationality) are accepted as official ID-handling. Driver’s licenses, tax cards, student cards, bank id or similar identification are not accepted as valid ID-handling when stricter controls are required by Stena Line. All passengers (also children) need to be able to present a valid ID-handling.

Even if no security controls according to ISPS regulations are carried out on your outward journey, Stena Line always recommends to take along passport or national ID-card, as ID-controls might be done by local authorities/police at your destination, or for your homeward journey. Many hotels also require ID-handling at check-in. Customers own the responsibility to inform themselves which kind of ID-handling and other documents are required in the country they are travelling to. If unsure, please contact the embassy of the country you want to visit.