Facilities onboard Stena Hollandica

Onboard Stena Hollandica, the Stena Line Ferry to England

Time onboard Stena Line's ferry from Harwich to Hook of Holland is sure to fly by, thanks to the range of excellent onboard ferry entertainment on the ships. Young and old will find something to enjoy the crossing. Welcome on board!

Guest Service
Guest Service

When you have any questions or you cannot find something on board the Stena Britannica during the ferry crossing you can stop by the Guest Service desk. Here you will find someone to tell you all about the ship and the crossing. Do you have questions concerning cinema tickets, cabins, Dutch railway ticket or the Stena Plus Lounge? Our employees are happy to assist. It's also possible to buy coffee, tea, soft drinks and some small snacks at the Guest Service desk.

There's an ATM GWK Travelex opposite the Guest Service desk. Which allows you to record both Euros and British Pounds. It's not possible to exchange cash on board.

Stena Plus Lounge
Stena Plus Lounge

In our Stena Plus Lounge you'll be able to relax and enjoy the smooth crossing in spacious and comfortable surroundings. Enjoy a selection of complimentary refreshments, including coffee, tea, fruit juice, water, wines (red, white and rosé) as you catch up on the latest news with a choice of daily newspapers. The Stena Plus Lounge is a designated 'quiet area' allowing you to work comfortably during the day. Reserve your seat at € 18,- per person at the Guest Service desk.

Magazine Lounge
News Room & Magazine Lounge

Also located in the 'quiet area'. The News Room and Magazine lounge is a modern seating area where you can keep up with the latest news on the large screen or catch up on some reading. From the nearby Barista Bar you can get a cup of coffee and various light refreshments to enjoy at your seat.

Happy kids entertainment area
Teen Town / Happy Kids Playroom

In Teen Town the older children can have a good time during the crossing to England and, of course, on the way back. The selection of gaming machines varies, but 'children' up to 85 years of age can take on the machine. You are never too old to play video games. In the Kids Playroom there's loads of fun, play on the touch screen computer or the wall mounted play systems! At the Happy play area children are welcome to play and learn.

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Bring your pet abroad

Don't leave one of your family members at home! You and the whole family, including your pet can travel with Stena Line. You can choose for your pet to travel in your car or in kennels that are available onboard the ship.

What you need to know about travelling to England and/or Ireland with dogs or cats.

More information about travelling with pets

Stena Shopping
Duty Free on board shop

One of the advantages of travelling with Stena Line is that you can shop to your heart's content during the crossing. When you travel to England by car you don't have to worry about the amount of luggage you are carrying. The extensive selection of products at the Stena shop makes sure that everyone will find something of their liking. We offer an elaborate selection of liquor and tobacco, gifts and sweets. Our onboard shop is also the place to be for your favourite perfume. Naturally, all products are low-priced. You can pay with Euros, English pounds, credit card and ATM card.

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