Travel with pets to Norway and Sweden

Take your pet on the Stena Line ferries to Norway or Sweden.

You are allowed to bring pets (dog or cat) on board Stena Line ferries on the Scandinavian and Baltic routes.
To make your journey go smoothly you will need to be familiar with the requirements of the EU pet passport and Stena Line's terms and conditions of carriage of pets. Please read this before making a booking.

Please note: It is your obligation to ensure that all conditions for EU pet travel are met in the order described below. Stena Line cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the information given. Nor can Stena Line be held liable for any cost material or immaterial in connection with non-compliance with EU pet travel rules. The pet owner is responsible for all the travel documents of the animal. For the transport of animals and any losses Stena Line can't be held responsible.

Scandinavian routes

Which pets does it concern?
Dogs and cats are subject to the EU pet passport rules. Please refer to the latest information on: (Sweden) (Norway)

Terms and conditions
Passengers travelling with pets to Sweden, Norway or Latvia, must ensure that their pet meets the following requirements:

EU pet passport
Pet travel with dogs and cats is bound by the conditions of the EU pet passport. It consists of two parts: a standardized part containing information about the pet's identity, the vaccinations acquired and other veterinary treatments and a part at the back of the passport which can be completed by the issuer. An EU pet passport can be acquired at an authorized veterinarian.

Your pet must be fitted with an approved electronic transponder (microchip) or a tattoo confirming the animal's identity by an authorized veterinarian. Please observe that chips of ISO standard 11784 and appendix 1 of ISO standard 11785 must be used. Several organizations handle the registration of electronic pet identification numbers. This registration may also be useful when retrieving a runaway pet.

Rabies vaccination
Your pet must be vaccinated against rabies by an authorized veterinarian. This procedure must occur after fitting the microchip. Most vaccines against rabies may not be used until the animal is three months of age. The animal must not travel until at least 21 days have passed. Your veterinarian needs to register the expiry date of the rabies vaccination clearly in the EU pet passport. Vaccination of dogs against leptospirosis and canine distemper is recommended. These vaccinations can also be obtained via your veterinarian.

Tapeworm treatment
When you are travelling to Norway with your dog he/she must be treated for tapeworm –Echinococcus multilocularis. The treatments shall be administered by a veterinarian and shall consist of a medicine containing praziquantel or pharmacologically active substances. This must be done within 120 hours till 24 hours before arrival. The treatment shall be certified by the administering veterinarian in the relevant section of the pet passport. When you stay in Norway for more then 28 days this treatment must be repeated and documented in the EU pet passport by a Norwegian veterinarian.

Report to customs
For Norway it suffices to drive to the Red Point (Customs) to present the documents.

On board our ships
To handle all the paperwork on time, we ask you kindly to arrive at least 60 minutes before departure at the port. The following rules apply for pets travelling on the following routes:

General rule: Dogs must be leashed at all times in public places and should never be left alone! For the routes Rostock - Trelleborg, Gdynia - Karlskrona and Travemunde - Liepaja your dog must also be muzzled.

Baltic routes

Dogs and cats must have a pet passport to travel within the EU, with proof of rabies vaccination and the animals must be chipped for proper identification. There will be no exclusions permitted to this rule. Detailed information can be obtained from the respective tourism boards.