Travel with pets to Ireland

Take your pet on the Stena Line ferry to Ireland.



Your pet must be fitted with an approved electronic transponder (microchip) for identification by an authorised veterinarian. Several organizations handle the registration of electronic pet identification numbers. This registration may also be useful when retrieving a runaway pet. The microchip number, location of the microchip and the date of insertion of the microchip must be mentioned in EU pet passport.

The placement of the microchip must be done before the pet gets rabies vaccination and blood test. Did your pet already had a pet rabies vaccination or blood test before the placement of the microchip then the vaccination and test should be done again. Because on all documentation the microchip number must be mentioned.

A good readable tattoo, placed before the 3rd of July 2011, is also acceptable.

Rabies vaccination

Your pet must be vaccinated against rabies by an authorized veterinarian. This procedure must occur after fitting the microchip. Your veterinarian will need to register this vaccination in the EU pet passport. Please check if the following information is correctly and completely filled in:

  • Date of birth and age
  • Number, date of placement and location of microchip
  • Date of vaccination (with duration and date revaccination)
  • Product name of the vaccine
  • Serial number of the vaccine
  • Signature and stamp from the veterinarian

The pet must be at least 12 weeks old before being vaccinated for rabies.

The validity of the rabies vaccination is determined by the manufacturer of the vaccine (the period can be found in the leaflet and can vary from 1 to 3 years). Your veterinarian needs to register the expiry date clearly in the EU pet passport.

After the rabies vaccination the waiting time for EU- and listed countries is 21 days. Travel is permitted on the 22nd day. For unlisted countries the waiting time is 4 months in total. (see blood test)


When transporting animals to Great Britain and Ireland from the European Union or a registered country (see link Defra for listed/unlisted countries) blood tests are no longer required.
Animals from a NON registered country still have to undergo a blood test (after the microchip has been fitted) This test must show that the animal has been vaccinated against rabies. The test must be taken within the timeframe that is determined nationally. For Great Britain and Ireland this means a test 30 days after the rabies vaccination and in total 4 months prior to entry. No further tests are required after the first test which gives a satisfactory result, provided the pet is subsequently revaccinated against rabies by the "Valid until" date in the EU pet passport. The vet must sign it off in the pet passport by means of a signature and stamp of the practice.

Tick and tapeworm treatment

Only dogs must undergo a tapeworm treatment by an authorized veterinarian not less than 24 hours and not more than 120 hours prior to arrival in the United Kingdom. There is no longer a mandatory requirement for the tick treatment to be given, but we strongly advise you to so.

The EU pet passport must be completed in section VII (worms) giving the:

  • Time and date of treatment

  • Product name and manufacturer

  • Signature and stamp from the veterinarian