Stena Line is a proud partner to Mercy Ships

Mercy Ships organisation and Stena Line

In Mercy Ships Stena Line has found a partner that is committed to helping those who need it most, and like us see the benefits and the flexibility of having the ocean and ships as their workplace.

The aim with our cooperation is to raise awareness of the organisation, as well as increase the interest in volunteer work and donations both within Stena Line and among our passengers and partners.

Mercy Ships owns and operates the world's largest civilian hospital ship and provides free medical care to the poorest people in the world. Since the organisation was founded in 1978 Mercy Ships has visited over 580 ports in 73 countries and helped around 2.5 million people.

Partnership with Mercy Ships
"Care is part of our soul"

"Care is part of our soul, which means that our sustainability work is more than just environmental initiatives. Our partnership with Mercy Ships will now also become an important part of that work and it gives us an exciting opportunity to engage employees, customers and partners to make a difference." - Niclas Mårtensson, CEO at Stena Line

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About Mercy Ships

Mercy Ships provides free health care and education to the poorest people in the world, and assist nations in building their own health care and sustainable development through education.

Since Mercy Ships was founded in 1978 by Don and Deyon Stephens, the organisation has visited more than 580 ports in over 73 countries and helped around 2.5 million people. More than 1,000 volunteers from over 40 different nations work aid every year.

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Mercy Ships in 30 seconds

Mercy Ships, owns and operates the world's largest civilian hospital ship, the Africa Mercy. Onboard surgery, dental care and qualified medical care are offered that turns a person's life from unnecessary suffering to health and hope.

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