Terms and conditions

1. General
1.1. The provisions set out and referred to in these Terms and Conditions shall apply to your Membership in the Extra club (below, the “Club”).

1.2. By seeking and subsequently obtaining Membership in the Club, you consent and agree to these Terms and Conditions.

1.3. The Club reserves the right to alter or change these Terms and Conditions at any given time. Such amendments may include, but are not limited to, the content of the Clubs program, benefits, conditions regarding earning or usage of Points. Third party participation as well as other information displayed on ‘My Stena Line’ are subject to change at any given time.

1.4. The Club will inform its Members of relevant changes to these Terms and Conditions. Information will be shared through at least one the Clubs or Stena Line's communication channels, however mainly through ‘My Stena Line’ and e-mails. Such changes will take precedence over previous Terms and Conditions from the date set.

1.5. The Club also reserves the right to terminate its beneficial offerings completely; you will be notified at least four weeks in advance, if the Club decides to do so. Neither the Club nor Stena Line can be held responsible for any damage suffered by amending or cancelling this Program.

1.6. Save for responsibilities expressly stipulated in the valid edition of these Terms and Conditions, neither the Club nor Stena Line or affiliated companies will assume any responsibility and shall not be liable for any damage, loss or cost incurred by the Member. Furthermore, neither the Club nor Stena Line or affiliated companies are liable for any cost, loss or damage incurred by anyone else than the Member.

2. Membership
2.1. Points can be earned and used on all Stena Line routes where the Offering applies.

2.2. Applications to join the Club will be accepted from individuals only. For the avoidance of doubt, neither companies nor organizations can be admitted as Members. Members can only earn and use Points for personal purposes.

2.3. Any individual of 18 years or more, whose postal address is in a country where the program is open to Membership, can register on our website. Membership is personal and not transferable. Applications to join Extra are free of charge.

2.4. A valid email address is required to seek Membership. Upon joining, the Member accepts that Stena Line can send emails, sms and push notifications via the mobile app with balance updates, news about the scheme, newsletters and other offers from Stena Line and its affiliates.

2.5. Members are identified by their account number provided by the Club.

2.6. It is the Member's duty to notify the Club with changes of their personal details through ‘My Stena Line’.

2.7. A statement of your Points balance and the Points earned and used is presented at ‘My Stena Line’. Points are deemed earned on completion of travel.

2.8. There are three ways a Membership can be terminated:
- You are entitled to terminate your Membership at any time. You may do so via ‘My Stena Line’ or by writing to the Club. Any unused Points will be lost directly after the Membership is cancelled.
- After a period of two years of no accrual of Points by a Member, the Club reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the Membership.
- In the case of fraud, the provision of incomplete or false information, in case you do not uphold the stipulated Terms and Conditions, any misuse of your Membership rights or in any other way cause damage to the Club, Stena Line or any affiliated companies are entitled to immediately terminate your Membership and cancel all earned Points.

3 Personal information
3.1. Stena Line is responsible for all data and information collected. To ensure and manage data in the right manner, we follow the law on treatment of personal data (POL) and principles that apply.

3.2. Stena Line will not sell your personal information to external parties, but reserves the right to use your data for marketing purposes. We continuously strive to improve and keep this information interesting and relevant for our customers. In order for us to follow up on whether you like or dislike what we send to you, we collect information on the following items; whether you open your email and whether you click on any links. The data collected is used internally within Stena Line. For more detailed information on the nature and use of the collected personal data, please refer to Stena Line´s privacy policy. The personal data of the member connected with participation in the Club is collected, processed and used by the operator for the purpose of Extra.

In the Netherlands Stena Line BV is responsible for all data collected. Its database is registered by 'College Bescherming Persoonsgegevens' (the Dutch Data Protection Authority), registrationno. 1033354. The website displays under ‘public registers’ the details of the contents and use of this database.

4. Earning Points
4.1. Points are valid from earning date throughout the current year and next calendar year (1 January - 31 December) and will expire on the last day of December. Points that expire are automatically subtracted from your account on the last day of the month of December.

4.2. The Club determines which fares, packages and prices for onboard products are eligible for earning Points. Stena Line reserves the right to amend the earn rates on fares, packages and prices for onboard products at all times.
Extra Points can be collected on travel and pre booked onboard arrangements.
You can collect Points for eligible onboard purchases, provided that your Extra (Club) card was scanned at purchase.
It is not possible to earn Points:
(1) On bookings where the Membership number has not been added to the booking(s) prior to travelling.
(2) It is not possible to earn Points on onboard purchases after you have travelled.
(3) Points cannot be earned on bookings paid for with Points.
(4) Points cannot be earned on Member priced onboard products.
(5) Points cannot be earned on cigarettes and tobacco.

4.3. For Blue Members, Points are earned at the rate of 5 Points per 1 Euro. For Gold Members, Points are earned at the rate of 10 Points per 1 Euro spent. Stena Line reserves the right to have different rates or no earning for products containing a third party element, e.g. packages by affiliates or additional means of transportation.

4.4. Members are only entitled to earn Points on journeys on which they have personally travelled.

4.5. To earn Points on travel, the Membership number must be provided at the time of booking. The easiest way to ensure your loyalty number is provided is to log on to your Extra account prior to making your online reservation. If the reservation is made via our call centre the loyalty number must be provided before the reservation is made.

4.6. On reservations with 10 people or more, group prices and relevant discounts apply, Points cannot be earned. Points cannot be collected on Freight bookings.

5 Using Points
5.1. Points may only be used on reservations made directly through Stena Line.

5.2. Points may not be exchanged for cash.

5.3. Points may be used only by the account holder and are not transferable.

5.4. Points can be used as full or part payment against applicable Stena Line fares. Stena Line determines which fares and routes are eligible for the usage of Points and such fares or routes may be subject to change at any given time. Points cannot be used for onboard purchases, Member prices, packages group or freight bookings.

5.5. The Member is solely responsible for the compliance with local taxation rules for use of Points.

5.6. 1 Point = 1 Euro cent.

6 Levels
6.1. You start as a Blue Member. This Membership is renewed automatically every year. When you earn more than 6.250 Points you are upgraded to Gold level. Gold Membership is valid for 12 months after upgrade. To maintain Gold level Membership status you must earn 12.500 Points per 12 months after upgrade, and your Membership will automatically be reset to Blue level if you earn less than 12.500 Points every 12 months.

7 General terms and conditions
7.1. All bookings are subject to the Terms and Conditions applicable to the Stena Line product purchased.

For more information about the Club, please see our FAQ or email us at