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The affordable way to the heart of London by train and ferry.

Payment services
All internet bookings should be fully paid forthwith.

iDEAL Internet banking
When booking via the internet you can pay with iDEAL Internet banking. Booking and payment are possible until close to departure. At the moment the following banks participate:

Credit Card
Internet bookings can be paid for with Credit Card. The following Credit Cards are accepted:

Change of journey plans
Changes of journey plans are accepted by Stena Line upon payment of a € 15,- administration fee per crossing.

When changes are made to convert to another sailing the fare of the new sailing at the time the amendment was made applies. When the fare available on the amended travel date is higher than the original fare the increase is charged in addition to the amendment fee. No refund will be made if an amendment results in a price decrease.

When you cancel your sailing you will not receive a refund.

Booking fees
Stena Line does not charge a booking fee for online bookings.

For our cancellation and travel insurance Stena Line has joined forces with Allianz. We always advise you to get cancellation insurance. Read more here about the Terms & Conditions of the insurance.

Please make sure you print a copy of the itinerary / e-ticket before the start of your journey. This will be accepted as a valid travel document for your rail journey on Greater Anglia rail services in the UK and for your ferry crossing. If you have made a booking including train tickets in the Netherlands, you will receive a separate email from Stena Line with a link to the NS website to book your train tickets by using special NS coupon codes.

Travel documents
When travelling to Great Britain you need to have a valid passport. Customers who are not Dutch nationals should inform at their embassy or consulate which documentations/visa are required. You should always have the required travel documents ready at departure and during the trip.

In case you find any flaws or inaccuracies on your destination, you are expected to report this immediately at the service supplier involved (the hotel manager or railway company). This will often prevent discomfort and complaints.

Personal data
Personal data that are of any importance for the execution of the trip should be reported in advance. This does not just apply to a mental or physical disability, but also to information that may be of importance for the trip for the passenger concerned or the Group, like the age of participants of a youth trip.

Booking liability
The person booking the journey is responsible for all passengers booked for this journey. With respect to minors a consent form must be submitted to verify that parents or guardians have agreed.

Please mind that your Dutch railway ticket is only valid in NS trains (excluding Intercity Direct). For other tracks from (private) companies you need to purchase a separate ticket.

The transport of travelers, their luggage and vehicles is carried out in accordance with the terms, regulations and travel conditions of the companies involved (Stena Line, NS international and Greater Anglia) and the owners of the means of transport. These are available for perusal at the offices of the companies involved.

Stena Line
The transport is carried out in accordance with the "Travel conditions Hook of Holland - Harwich", of which registry is filed at the District Court in Rotterdam at 8 February 1993. These conditions contain amongst others exclusions and limitations of the liability of the carrier concerning on the one hand death, illness or injuries and on the other hand damage or loss of vehicles or luggage as well as delay or change of travel route. The travel conditions also refer to the Athens Convention. The travel conditions are available for perusal at the offices and onboard the ships of Stena Line BV as well as at your ANVR travel agent and can also be downloaded of the internet: We strongly advise you to read them carefully. A complete survey of the Stena Line's terms and conditions.

Bookings and passenger registration
At your booking you need to pass on the names, initials of forenames, dates of birth, genders and nationalities of all passengers to Stena Line. Your booking data is recorded in our customer database that is registered at the "Registratiekamer" -i.e. the Dutch Data Protection Authority- in Rijswijk.

Transport, routes and sailing times
Stena Line strives towards the situation where you and your luggage are carried according the data on your ticket, although sailing times, dates and destination can be influenced by weather conditions and other operational factors. In case we cannot realize a sailing within reasonable time after the scheduled sailing time we will offer an alternative ferry crossing. In case we cannot offer a suitable alternative, or you wish to decline, we will refund the travel fee in full. We will not compensate for additional costs or inconvenience suffered when amending or cancelling your crossing due to circumstances beyond our control.

Passengers with special needs
If you have particular or mobility needs & require assistance please advise us of your specific requirements at least 48 hours before the start of your journey by calling us on +31 (0)174 315 811 with your booking reference. When you have booked online you should contact Stena Line to indicate you require assistance. Stena Line is not responsible for any inaccuracies in hotel information with respect to facilities for the disabled.

Contact/Opening hours
In case you want to contact us by telephone please dial +31 (0)174 315 811, from Monday to Friday from 09.00 - 18.00 hours and on Saturday from 10.00 - 15.00 hours.

(Local) conditions
A holiday abroad means other people and customs, another culture, different food, unlike your situation at home. This is one of the charms of being on holiday, but also something to keep in mind regarding your holiday expectations. You also have to take the weather conditions into account and the possibility that there might be construction work being performed at your destination.

Stena Line puts a lot of effort and care in the reliability of the information on this website and keeping it up to date. Despite this, it is always possible that certain information (after some time) is outdated or not accurate anymore. Stena Line is not responsible for any damage that might result from the use of the data on this website or adds. Stena Line reserves the right to change fares, departure times, regulations etc. that are recorded in this publication without notice in case alterations in travel fees, taxes and exchange rates give rise to it. Stena Line cannot accept responsibility for damage resulting from inaccuracies, problems caused by or coherent to the spreading of information via the internet, as well as technical failure. All information concerning accommodations information is subject to provisional amendments. The data on the website and all other publications can at all times be changed by Stena Line without notice.

Hotel information
The hotel information on this website was produced by the hotels. Stena Line cannot accept responsibility for this information in case the data is incorrect or incomplete.

Stena Line highly respects the privacy of the visitors of this site. We are committed to protecting the confidentiality of information we collect and hold. How do we use your personal data? Stena Line does not disclose any individual information to other organisations without prior authorisation from the individual concerned, unless
- it is to third parties concerned like hotels
- release is required by law or is pertinent to judicial or government investigations or proceedings
- this is necessary to protect the rights of the Stena Line customer or Stena Line's personal.

Links to partners and other sites
Stena Line cannot accept responsibility for any of the links from this web site, nor the content thereof. The links are provided purely for your benefit and we are not responsible for any inaccuracies in the information or subsequent services provided.

If you want to use the transport services of parties other than Stena Line (such as NS, RET and Greater Anglia) then you must prior to booking consult the applicable conditions of these parties with whom you wish to make your trip. Stena Line points out that other parties’ transport services have their own timetables which are your own responsibility. Therefore, if other parties’transport services are used, make sure that the different timetables are compatible with each other and wit Stena Line’s services. Stena Line is not responsible or liable for connections or deviations from the timetables (due to strike or force majeure or for any reason whatsoever). Stena Line is also not liable for booking errors which are attributable to the traveller or which are caused by unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances.