Big Little Things

We care about the Big Little Things

Great service comes in many different forms, maybe a welcoming smile, a warming blanket or reuniting a little one with their cuddly toy! If you’ve travelled with us before then you would have experienced our dedicated team helping people onboard, getting pets safely to the kennels and assisting passengers with various needs. Our staff and crew always try to go the extra mile to make your trip as enjoyable as possible.

We are committed to connecting Europe for a sustainable future by care for our customers, care for resources and care for each other. We are taking strives towards ‘The Green List’ with our many projects such as our battery power initiative, reducing our emissions and working towards 100% rainforest alliance certified coffee. As well as the environment and our passengers we are also dedicated to caring for those in need through a charity partnership with Mercy Ships.

When you really care about something, there's no detail that is too small or insignificant, that’s exactly why we at Stena Line care about all The Big Little Things - Whether it’s making small changes to protect the environment or getting passengers from port to port.