Our online booking system

What can I book online?

Below is what can be booked online:
• Single or return trip as footpassenger
• Single or return trip with one or more vehicles and trailer (incl. passengers)
• Single or return trip as footpassenger with train tickets in England and/or in The Netherlands
• Hotels and holiday cottages
• Single or return trip with cabins, meals, Stena Plus Lounge and/or pets

* Book multiple vehicles only applies to motorcycle and bicycle.

Unfortunately not all our services are bookable via our online booking system.

Minivan or transport van longer than 6 meters long
Transport vans/minivans which are longer than 6 meters or horse trailers loaded with horses or unloaded need to be booked via our Freight department: +31 (0)174 - 389 456.

Vehicles with commercial goods and/or moving goods
Any customer - no matter what vehicle type - carrying commercial goods and/or moving goods must be booked via Stena Line Freight Department in advance (The Netherland: +31 (0)174 - 315 858 / United Kingdom: 0845 - 0704000) as it is their responsibility to book through the correct Stena Line Department and make the necessary customs declarations. If you do not have the necessary declarations, we will not be able to check-in at your port of departure. Also, Stena Line reserves the right to return any passengers to their port of departure (at the passengers’ expense) if they are turned away by Customs at the port of arrival for non-compliance.

Landbridge to Ireland
To book our Landbridge to Ireland product you must fill in the Landbridge form. You will receive a confirmation within three working days by email. The Landbridge consists of four crossings, two on the North Sea from the Netherlands to England and back and two on the Irish Sea from England to Ireland and back.
Book here our Landbridge product

Unaccompanied children
Children till 15 years of age may only travel when accompanied by an adult (16 years or older). From 16 years it's permitted to travel alone.

Passengers who bring a minor child with a different surname than the adult must explain the relationship between these two persons. A letter of permission from a parent and a copy of the passport of the parent is therefore desirable.